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Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum, commonly called just Salvia, is an hallucinogenic plant found in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, that is as potent as it is unique. This amazing herb, related to common sage, has been used for centuries, and is still in use today by the Mazatec people indigenous to that area.

We only sell standardised salvia extracts! Not for human consumption.

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Salvia History

Salvia divinorum comes from the Sierra Mazateca in Oaxaca Mexico, but not much is known about its origin - the plant could have been a wild plant native to the area, or specifically cultivated by the native Mazatec people, or cultivated and introduced to the area by other people indiginous to the area.

Salvia divinorum is one of many hallucinogenic plants used ritually by the Mazatec for healing and bringing about visions. In fact, it is still used for the same purpose by the Mazatec people today, making it one of the oldest hallucinogens known to man.

Traditionally, only fresh leaves were chewed, and the user would be in a quiet place to fully experience the effects - Mazatec shamans say that “La Maria [Salvia divinorum] speaks with a quiet voice.”

Discovery of this amazing plant by the Western world happened in 1939 by American anthropologist and linguist Jean Basset Johnson, who was conducting field studies in Mexico at the time. He later documented the usage of salvia divinorum and the reported effects from personal testimonials.

Salvia Effects

The effects of salvia are many and varied. Several common themes have been identified

  • becoming objects
  • visions of various two-dimensional surfaces, films and membranes
  • loss of the body and/or identity
  • various sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by forces of some kind
  • uncontrollable hysterical laughter
  • overlapping realities

The best insight we have into the effects of salvia divinorum come from a recent study described in more detail in our blog post “Salvia Divinorum Effects”. Please note, our salvia extracts and salvia leaf are not for human consumption. We could never condone the consumption of a salvia divinorum, a plant that has seen safe use for millenia, as then it would be considered an unlicensed medicine and we would be breaking the law.

Salvia Legal Info

Salvia divinorum is not illegal to posess or buy in the UK. It is also not illegal to sell it, provided it is not for human consumption. Of course, all our salvia extracts should be used for research purposes only and should not be consumed! For more information about the laws governing Salvia divinorum's legal status, please see Is Salvia Legal?

Salvia Extracts

Salvia divinorum was traditionally consumed by chewing a ball of freshly picked leaves, however, in the Western world, smoking salvia extracts is now the popular choice. Salvia extracts contain a much larger amount of Salvinorin-A, the active compound in Salvia divinorum, than the plain leaves and are made by extracting this active compound from a large amount of dried leaves and depositing it on a much smaller amount of dried leaf material. For example, a 20x salvia divinorum extract takes around 20g of dried salvia leaf to produce 1g of extract. Extracts range in strength from 5x, which takes 5g of dried leaves to make per gram of extract, all the way up to 60x, which requires a whopping 60g of dried leaves to make the same amount!

As Salvia divinorum is a natural product, the amount of salvinorin-a in each leaf is different. To ensure each batch of commercially produced extract is the same as the last, they are standardised, which involves extracting the salvinorin-a from very large quantities of Salvia divinorum leaf, and then applying a known quantity to 1g of dried leaf. This averages out the variation between leaves and even whole plants, and ensures that the salvia extract you buy today will be exactly the same as the salvia extract you buy next week! Of course, all our salvia extracts are standardised!

This information is provided for anthropological and scientific purposes. Our salvia extracts should not be consumed, and only used for scientific research!

Salvia Reviews

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